Kellogg’s Decides “To Go” to the Moon!

NASA decides to add Kellogg’s new Fruit Smoothies “To Go” to their beverage menu of freeze-dried drinks. Kellogg’s working with NASA food technologists have discovered a way to turn their new Fruit Smoothies “To Go” products revolutionary powder form mix into a freeze dried form for astronauts to enjoy by simply adding water and ice at their rehydration station. Trying to expand their menu of foods and beverages available to astronauts on their long journeys into space NASA food technologists have worked hard with Kellogg’s over the past few months to discover a way to turn the new Fruit Smoothies “To Go” into a freeze dried form.

With this new discovery astronauts are ecstatic to be some of the first people to taste Kellogg’s new product and have the product as a healthy addition to there new an improved food and beverage menu. As an astronaut it is highly important that they maintain a steady health especially in prolonged space travel. Their health is sustained in part as a result of the astronaut’s nutritional intake. Complete nutritional intake is simplest if the astronaut merely takes a pill or a nutritional supplement. Historically, the space program has utilized bite sized cubes of a product that is high in calories and nutrient dense as well as tube shaped products such as Space Food Sticks. As space missions have grown in duration, a great deal of research and testing has gone into the foods, beverages, product packaging and retort methodology used in these missions to enhance tastiness, acceptability and variety resulting in increased nutritional health of the astronauts.

That’s why Kellogg’s new Fruit Smoothies “To Go” have been chosen as the perfect product to be added to NASA’s new and improved food and beverage menu. Each smoothie has great nutritional value containing all natural fruits, yogurt, healthy antioxidant boost as well as one full serving of fruit and 100% daily value of Vitamins A, C, D and E. Since Kellogg’s Fruit Smoothies “To Go” are made with whole crushed fruit, they also contain between 2.3 – 6g of fiber per 250 ml serving. Which means these smoothies give you an average of 17% of the guideline amount (GDA) for fiber, that is a quarter under your daily-required intake. Kellogg’s Fruit Smoothies “To Go” are also available in an exciting assortment of thirteen flavors that will bring a lot of variety to these astronauts beverage menu. Both tasty and nutritious, astronauts considered Kellogg’s Fruit Smoothies “To Go” to be the perfect first addition to the new and improved beverage menu at NASA.

For more up to date news on Kellogg’s and their new Fruit Smoothies “To Go” products continue to check out my weekly blogs.

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