Kellogg’s Fruit Smoothies “To-Go” Builds a Home in Times Square

Kellogg’s has decided to have their successful new product join the ranks of their other veteran products like Pop-Tart’s by creating Fruit Smoothies “To-Go” Land. Kellogg’s has been using some experimental marketing tactics to promote there product lines and intends on making  a positive start to the New Year by creating a land of their own for there most popular new product Fruit Smoothies “To-Go”. Kellogg’s Fruit Smoothies “To-Go” will be joining other food brands like M&M’s and Hershey with stores near Times Square that’s major focus is marketing and visibility rather than sales.

Designers for Kellogg’s new Fruit Smoothies “To-Go” Land have described the concept of the design layout as something similar to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The executive graphic designer of the project describes Fruit Smoothies “To-Go” Land as “pure fantasy… it’s like heaven on earth but for fruit.” The 3,200 square foot shop on the south side of 42nd Street between Sixth Avenue and Broadway will run from January through June at which point executives will decide what direction to take the retail store in.

At Fruit Smoothies “To-Go” Land customers will be able to try awesome desserts based on the Fruit Smoothies “To-Go” product line in their Smoothie Café designed with a large banana bar and a assortment of fruit designed bar stools. Customers will also be able to find flavorful gear and gifts for all of their fruit smoothie loving peeps. You can also make sweet custom t-shirts and even create your own assortment pack of your favorite Fruit Smoothies “To-Go” flavors using the Fruit Smoothie “Varietizer”. The Café Menu will also consist of a variety of crazy-creative and super delicious desserts from drink concoctions to pastry and ice cream delights. The grand opening of Fruit Smoothies “To-Go” Land will be sometime in late January of 2011.

For more up to date news on Kellogg’s and their new Fruit Smoothies “To Go” products continue to follow my weekly blogs. Below is a video tour of Kellogg’s Pop-Tart World.

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