Kellogg’s Fruit Smoothies “To-Go” goes Sugar free!!

Kellogg’s has decided to expand their product line to a larger audience by making a line of their recently successful Fruit Smoothies “To-Go” product sugar free. This product will be available in six of the thirteen flavors already available on store shelves and will be geared towards health conscious people as well as diabetics. Kellogg’s having employees and representatives whom suffer from different types of diabetes is how this idea to make the popular snack beverage sugar free came to be.


Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar either because their body does not produce enough insulin or because the cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced. There are three main types that most diabetics suffer from referred to as type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. All of these types are subject to diet constraints with all food products containing sugar. Diabetics are encouraged daily to eat and drink foods full of vitamins, fiber and other essential nutrients. By making their Fruit Smoothies to-go “Sugar free” the product is now a great beverage option for those suffering from diabetes.

Kellogg’s has been working with the dietary technicians at the American Diabetes Association to make the beverage’s sugar free line as healthy as possible for diabetics without losing it’s flavorful taste. With their help the mixes for the sugar free line of smoothies “to-go” will use both fat free milk and light non-fat yogurt to help to make the drink even more nutritious. As part of the campaign for the new Sugar free Fruit Smoothies “To-Go” the former lead singer of poison and diabetic Bret Michaels will be the star of this campaign. The commercials for the will be showing him busy touring on the road struggling to fine something he can drink without his blood sugar raising too high when he finds a bottle of Kellogg’s Fruit Smoothies “To-Go” that keeps him going throughout the rest of the day. Kellogg’s along with this campaign will be donating a percentage of the bottles and powder packets of Sugar free Fruit Smoothies “To-Go” sold to the American Diabetes Association to fund their “Stop Diabetes” movement to fund diabetes research.

For more up to date news on Kellogg’s and their new Fruit Smoothies “To Go” products continue to follow my weekly blogs.


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