Kellogg’s Fruit Smoothies “To-Go” goes to College!!

Following the release of their new product Fruit Smoothies “To Go” Kellogg’s has decided to open up their product line to an all-new audience. Kellogg’s will soon be adding to a long list of beverage distributors for colleges throughout the country. Initially the product will be introduced on to college campuses as test markets with this age group then it will be nationally distributed within two months. Kellogg’s will be designing a campaign marketing their product to a younger generation of customers in college.

As we all know college students are always busy and eating on the go. Between their studies and extra curricular activities some find it quiet hard to find the time to eat a full meal let alone anything healthy. This is where Kellogg’s Fruit Smoothies “To Go” come into the mix. Kellogg’s Fruit Smoothies “To Go” is a unique tasty and nutritious snack that can also be used as a meal supplement and is a great source of antioxidants, fiber, calcium and vitamins A, C, D and E. It also comes in both liquid form in a bottle and a innovative powder form in packets that only require you to simply add water, ice and blend.

Kellogg’s has decided that they will begin marketing and distributing their products on college campuses on the east coast first. Starting with the city that never sleeps schools like NYU, FIT and Columbia will be some of the first college campuses to have the product distributed there. The product will then be distributed at other schools on the east coast like Suny Albany, Yale, Cornell, Northeastern, Penn State, and Duke University. Kellogg’s hopes that by distributing their product directly on college campuses that they can help bring a healthier lifestyle to students on campuses nationwide.

For more up to date news on Kellogg’s and their new Fruit Smoothies “To Go” products continue to follow my weekly blogs.

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